Sunday, 20 December 2009

Piney live on Balcony TV

Check it out here:

For The Love Of Others Out Today on Damaged Goods - December 7th!

Yipidee Doo Dah this pretty vinyl single is out today and you can buy it, yes you can... 

This single features "For The Love Of Others"
A version of "I Wanna Be Like You" from Disney's The Jungle Book
(done in a Squirrel Nut Zippers/skiffle kind of way, see what you think!)
and a pretty, ethereal track called "Brady's Bluff"
The artwork is by the amazing Geoff Howell


Hurry up, wait around!

Touring is a series of hurry up, wait around...

Here is Emma, Mike and Barny doing precisely that outside of Clwb Ifor Bach (pre-soundcheck, post-load-in, you get the drift).

Cardiff was especially twinkly and Christmassy that night, maybe it was because we were playing a Christmas gig.  We went to a lovely pub around the corner for a proper Welsh dinner and had a jolly good time.

We would go back to Cardiff whenever.  What a lovely city!

Day 7, December 4th, Cardiff: Clwb Ifor Bach

We were lucky enough to be invited to play the Vinyl Vendettas Christmas Party at Clwb Ifor Bach.  We took a photo of the poster because it looked so cool.  If you don't know who the Vinyl Vendettas are, check them out because they are awesome-sweet.

Piney finds a soul mate...

If you've listened to my album, or myspace, or Spotify you will know that I have a bit of a 'thing' for bees... 

As a touring band we do spend a lot of time in service stations (not as glamorous as it sounds!) but when I came across this little guy it was love at first site.

God, could I be any more twee?


Day 6, December 2nd, Bath: Chapel Arts

I love Bath and I love Chapel Arts, it's a gorgeous old church.  
It feels like a bit of a home away from home for me, because Purr put out my 'Of All The Wonderful Things' single last May and they are based in Bath.  So the whole Purr massive was there and that was nice to see everyone.

It felt oh-so-civilised as the venue was decorated with little candles.  

The great thing about singing in a church is that your voice goes on and on, soaring through the rafters.  It's natural reverb and that's fun for me as a singer to experiment with.

The support bands were really great too!  Barefoot Dance Of The Sea were 3 pretty girls singing amazing blue-grass/folk stuff.   Race Horses were excellent 60's-tinged rock.  It was a good night all round!

Day 5, November 28th, Exeter: Cavern Club

We seem to have stumbled across the most stylish place in the Southwest!  The Cavern Club was full of pretty people in pretty frocks and it was great to have such a glamorous Saturday night.  For some reason though, we just took photos of ourselves in the dressing room... see?

Here's me, Mike, Emily & Barny sporting a new look... whadd'yathink?

Thee Special Shoes

Monday, 14 December 2009

Day 4, November 26th, Cheltenham: Slak

So Cheltenham's Slak bar was an interesting one... it was, well... a little under-attended.  However the 3 people (+ dog) made enough noise for the whole room, and it was all a bit 'Happy Birthday Mister President' in a good way!  We had our fans/friends in the audience playing along with percussion, the bar staff even joined in on "Not Your Anything" tapping their knees like German folk-dancers.  By the end of the gig everyone was smiling and there were even more people as they arrived mid-gig... it was all good, really good.  

Monday, 23 November 2009

Say I'm Sorry Out Today - November 23rd!

HOORAY!! Say I'm Sorry is out today and you can buy it, yes you can... here:

This single features "Say I'm Sorry"
A "Say I'm Sorry" remix by Stray Dogs In Paris
A tongue in cheek version of album track "Early Days"
And a German Version of "Say I'm Sorry" called Tut Mir Leid
The artwork is by the amazing Timothy T Winchester

And here's a link to the video for you to enjoy

Guten Tag!

Too much time in a van... yes, already!

So by a cruel twist of fate the only van we could find to hire to drive us to Liverpool was in fact a mini bus designed for German tourists and it had a 'speed limiter' on it so we could not exceed 60 miles per hour. The silver lining of this fact is that when there is severe rain and wind, one might not want to exceed 60 mph on the motor-way anyway; luckily we were confronted with some pretty bad weather.

The cruel twist of fate was compounded by the fact that because of some football match there was not 1 hotel we could stay at, in all of Liverpool... meaning that by hook or by crook we had to drive straight back to London after the gig.

The Age Of Reasoners are all good friends & usually pretty good conversationalists too... so we were able to while the hours away in the van talking and listening to bad 1990's compilations bought from local charity shops sparking a game of name that tune.

I think Barny lost the plot in Toddington services when he climbed into the wrong van though.

Day 3, November 21st, Liverpool: Zanzibar

So, Zanzibar is a nice place to play, the promoter from Peter And The Wolf (a band, not the Prokofiev) is a lovely bloke and we really enjoyed playing his night. Friendly crowd (quite stylish in a sort of "Where is Professor Flostre; is he giving a lecture at the cafe?" kind of way).

It's crazy how much effort a band will put in to play 45 minutes on a stage though, in fact... if I think too hard about it I might never do it! But it was fun and worth it and all that jazz.

Here I am sitting on stage while the line check commences (after happy hour at the Jacaranda where an entire round costs £8!! Us London folk were shocked and amazed by this fact).

The Jacaranda features a Stuart Sutcliffe mural and loads of Beatles paraphernalia. I just finished watching The Beatles Anthology over the past few weeks with the Sleep Thief so it was nice to be somewhere that has a little bit of Beatles history (I guess most of Liverpool does have some connection with The Fab Four, I wonder if Liverpudlians get sick of that?) Anyway, Emily Reasonette and myself agree that Stuart is the prettiest Beatle now that we've seen so many pictures of him. But all the Beatles have their charms of course.

When I meet someone who says they don't like The Beatles I just wonder, "How can that be?"


Concentrating Face

It's not easy to sing, play accordion and not pull a concentrating face from time to time... see?

This photo is by Steve Brummel, one of our very own Age Of Reasoners.
Snapped at London's fine Borderline venue.

Day 2, November 20th, London: Borderline

The life backstage is oh-so-glamorous can't you see? Here's moi, hair in rollers with Mike and Simon having some kind of philosophical discussion about Appalachian folk music or what makes a bear sing or how much that doggy is in the window or whatever.

Basically, if you give Simonpedia a subject to talk about he can pretty much go on for hours spouting off meaningful facts.

Mike is just jolly that he's not driving this evening.


Barny & Emily packing up

Emily Reasonette gets percussive packing up Barny's drums & this makes Barny really really joyous

Friday, 20 November 2009

Day 1, November 19th, Reading: Oakford Social Club

So it's day one of the tour and so far so good.  The Oakford Social Club reminds me of my Grandma Bea's old sitting room and the people there are super nice.  We played to an attentive audience and so day one = all good!

Here's a cute picture of Emma Reasonette looking pensive after soundcheck... more to come, watch this space!