Sunday, 20 December 2009

Day 6, December 2nd, Bath: Chapel Arts

I love Bath and I love Chapel Arts, it's a gorgeous old church.  
It feels like a bit of a home away from home for me, because Purr put out my 'Of All The Wonderful Things' single last May and they are based in Bath.  So the whole Purr massive was there and that was nice to see everyone.

It felt oh-so-civilised as the venue was decorated with little candles.  

The great thing about singing in a church is that your voice goes on and on, soaring through the rafters.  It's natural reverb and that's fun for me as a singer to experiment with.

The support bands were really great too!  Barefoot Dance Of The Sea were 3 pretty girls singing amazing blue-grass/folk stuff.   Race Horses were excellent 60's-tinged rock.  It was a good night all round!

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