Sunday, 27 June 2010

what goes up must come down

Is it Sunday night blues time? I had a fabulous P.G. day out at The Clothes Show on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend doing practical things. Either work, or Piney stuff (artwork and b-sides) or cleaning the house... at least I could do single artwork outside because it was one of London's rare sunny weekends. Sleep Thief was at Glasto (playing like 5 times) so it's been far too productive back at the ranch. Tomorrow should be Saturday, not Monday. There's a sad cloud over London since the football didn't go well today shouldn't that entitle us to a National Holiday? A day of mourning perhaps? I don't even give much of a hoot about football, I just like bank holidays. Ah well, if only I was Queen I could make it so...

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Where were you when... & what did he mean to you?

Where were you when Michael Jackson died? I was on a pirate ship type-of-boat at some Dutch ad agency's party just off the coast of the south of France. I started getting texts from my friends in England with the news. I didn't believe it, or thought it was a hoax until the boat moored and we were able to find a TV. The TVs were all in French though, so I could only make out little bits of what they were saying about it. At that point he was in the hospital and I wondered if those O2 shows were going to go ahead. It didn't occur to me then that he might not be okay in the long run. So then American Tony blagged us in to some beach party and I didn't give it much thought until the DJs started playing some extended mix of Billy Jean and people went crazy... Dancing and crying and hugging each other on the dance floor and then I knew he didn't make it and I shed a little tear myself.

Some people have mixed feelings about Michael. For me, I have a fondness for his music. He made such an impression on me when I was just a kid living with my grandparents in Wisconsin and every Saturday me and my cousin would go roller skating. I had never heard music like the music they played when we were skating and Michael Jackson's Thriller album had just come out that year. Every song on that record is brilliant and I learned all the words. Having really only listened to Christian rock and old-fashioned music (like Doris Day), Michael represented this whole new sound, this modern, shiny, secular world. He was pop perfect. So what did he mean to you?

And where were you when it happened?


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

back to the blog

It's been a good day, so I'm starting up my blog again; I'll keep it short... what a long ol' year it's been (and it's only half way through). Rather than try and sum up what's happened between Christmas and now I'm just going to pick up where I am, today. Welcome to my world.

Everyone seems to be talking about football (it is the World Cup after all innit? It seems like folks takes this stuff seriously somehow). So I joined in at work, we watched the game and it was fun to be around so many people who cared so much.

Then I discovered this beautiful part of London and I didn't know that it even existed (I thought I knew everywhere in London by now). It reminded me of Cannes and I met with the girls I went to Cannes with last year (seems a bit fateful, like a reunion). Surrounded by lush plants, on a warm summer's evening it was pretty idyllic... rally it was.

We caught up on old times, new times, and shared some good gossip, handy fashion tips & exciting news (that isn't public yet so I'm not allowed to say what it is) eep!

And so I get home, and feel like writing. Here you go. How was your day?