Friday, 1 October 2010

Oh to be Blunt!

This might shock some people but I went to see James Blunt do a showcase the other night. Did I buy tickets? Heck no! Why did I go? Hmm... well I'll spare you the details of my day job, but I can disclose that it is music-bizz and sometimes that means going to shows you wouldn't necessarily go to if choosing to do so of your own free will. The evening was well-timed in my social agenda as it was the day before payday and this event boasted a free bar.

Now do you see why I went?

A few things struck me when I was there.

1. He actually has a good singing voice. I know it kind of grates the nerves, however live he could really belt it out. So power to him and his pretty-much, pitch-perfect voice.
2. The venue was a stunning old church in Mayfair, it was such a gorgeous place; it was a treat to look around at all the stained glass and that sort of thing.
3. Did I mention there was a free bar?

It also really put some things in perspective for me. He's like a totally famous guy in a mainstream kind of way, he's got a major label behind him helping him to 'shift units' etc... It makes me wonder if anyone truly quirky or original will fail to break through because of the way the music industry is going these days.

Janis Joplin would have never made it through to the final round of X Factor. I'm not even sure Nirvana would catch an A&R man's ear in this day and age. Gone are the times when people sign acts like Kate Bush because they want to nurture an artist's career. It's all a get-rich-quick scheme in some last desperado attempt at keeping a sinking ship afloat.

I'm glad to be an indie chick. I'm proud to DIY it. What I want is to make music for years and years to come, not be some flash in the pan who gets dropped when there is a failure to go platinum or if I don't get enough synchs, etc... that being said, it would be fun to play in a posh church in Mayfair, with a free bar for friends and fans. Maybe one day, I'll do it my way.



  1. Is it just me or does James Blunt look like that Irish bloke out of the IT Crowd in that picture?


    By the way, got Jesus Wept today and I'm loving it!

  2. Lets do it our way for ever and ever!