Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kate Beckinsale's scream

For those of you who don't know,
this is Kate Beckinsale.
So, I mentioned in my last blog about how I have a new job... the other day the sound effects company downstairs came upstairs to ask a favour of me.  They needed Kate Beckinsale to scream... however in the footage they had of her she was not really screaming, instead she was doing more of a confused grunting thing.

I'm not sure why the guys downstairs thought I'd be good at screaming, perhaps they sense I have big lungs or maybe I have a loud mouth!

Anyway, I viewed the scene and they explained my motivation and I did several types of screams for them to choose from.  It was fun & made everyone laugh; a funny 5 minutes out of the day to help those guys out.

(FYI: if you see this film, my scream can be heard at a moment when you see Simon Pegg's face & Kate Beckinsale is scrambling around.)

What a funny aspect of the ol' day job, ay?

But then I felt a little sad, because I didn't realise this scream is going to be part of Robin William's final film.  It's called Absolutely Anything & he voices "Dennis the Dog."  I can hear his voice floating up the stairs all day, every day, as they splice the film and voiceover.  It's eerie, haunting, comforting and sad all at the same time.

I never dreamed I would be linked to Robin Williams, especially not posthumously.  I grew up with Robin Williams, and now my scream can be heard in a film where he voices a dog.   It is truly an honour.
Spoiler Alert: this is Dennis the Dog and Simon Pegg
from the film "Absolutely Anything"

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