Sunday, 27 June 2010

what goes up must come down

Is it Sunday night blues time? I had a fabulous P.G. day out at The Clothes Show on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend doing practical things. Either work, or Piney stuff (artwork and b-sides) or cleaning the house... at least I could do single artwork outside because it was one of London's rare sunny weekends. Sleep Thief was at Glasto (playing like 5 times) so it's been far too productive back at the ranch. Tomorrow should be Saturday, not Monday. There's a sad cloud over London since the football didn't go well today shouldn't that entitle us to a National Holiday? A day of mourning perhaps? I don't even give much of a hoot about football, I just like bank holidays. Ah well, if only I was Queen I could make it so...

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  1. I can´t make comment on your latest entry so I´ll do here. I´m glad you´re so busy (lol). Sorry! But I'm looking forward for your new material! Although I´m still discovering wonderful things in your work. I have no words to descrive "The Yearling"..., excellent indeed, and It was a nice surprise found your others albums too. Speechless... Really you've opened a new musical path in me.. (seriously, is not quackery).

    best, pablo

    P/S: Sorry for my bad english!