Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Wha happened?

Soooo much... maybe I'll work my way backwards.

I was out with The Other Woman women to talk about a secret project we are going to launch in August. Exciting isn't it? Watch this space for more as it won't be a secret forever.

The other night, me and two brilliant women went to see Patrick Watson at Tabernacle in West London. And really, it was one of the best gigs I've seen for ages! His voice channels Cab Calloway but he's in this scruffy, indie-boy package. The string quartet put a really marvelous spin on what are already good songs, his piano playing has a beautiful simplicity like Philip Glass, but what struck me most was the multi-megaphone contraption he strapped to his back before venturing out into the crowd acoustic style. It was otherworldly! Amazing!

Sunday was the 4th of July... the day of my people's independence. I guess I've been living in London so long that it slips my mind to buy fireworks and that sort of thing. But I did make a strawberry and cream cheese cake for Dan, because he's agreed to master my single (thanks Dan!). So my day was spent nursing a headache, baking a cake, doing housy things like laundry and cleaning and that sort of thing. Sometimes those days are good days, the days when not much happens, right?

My Sleep Thief went to Beirut so to busy myself I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream with Barny and George and her friend Ian. It was great... because Store Street was converted into a pop up park. That was so neat! Then we went to the park near Buckingham Palace for Simon Roadshow's birthday party. They didn't close the park till midnight, and I wondered if drinking in the park after dark was a little like being a tramp? It doesn't bear thinking about because what's fun is fun!

I went to see Patty Smith in Hyde Park, which was amazing. She did all her famous ranting and the theatrics of her performance were mesmerizing. She's a bit of a living legend. Backstage before the gig I saw Morrissey! It was all I could do not to steal his wine when he got up, I wondered would it be a bit like communion, the body of Christ shed for you... so if you are what you eat/drink would I be a little bit Morrissey? I lost my nerve so we'll never know the truth. Sleep Thief was playing with Fionn before Patty Smith and I shed a small tear during their set. Foxy was with me, and he was silent too.

Before all of that was Glastonbury and Sleep Thief was gone for days. Some people think I'm insane to turn down a free, backstage pass to Glastonbury but I'm not the happiest camper and I had songs to stay home and write, people to see, cardigans to embroider with scenes from Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. So I choose my choice!

Wha happened to you? Long time no see.

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