Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Committee HQ

As promised I've uploaded some of the snaps from our LA adventures, so now you can see the super cool studio that we got to spend our days in and sheesh it was so darn sunny I even did some vocals in the garden by the pond.

Rob was a pleasure to work with, and it was super that Nelson stopped by to play with us. G played the drums in a drummer's nook, Growler was rocking bass and guitar too sometimes.

Garo got to play the Mellotron which we were all impressed with (a real vintage Mellotron!)! And Sammi did some gorgeous BVs...

Gutted I didn't get a photo of Noah the fiddle player he was AMAZING, but you can hear his stylings on the album.

Thanks for the memories guys, Geronimo! is out in October, and I just can't wait!!! Meanwhile enjoy the photos!

p.s. I might be able to get Garo to explain which guitars we used from the wall of guitars in a future blog so watch this space!



  1. Sorry for some reason that flickr link doesn't work, but you can copy and paste it to see all the snaps xxx P

  2. I managed to copy and paste it, it was really easy. Love, love, loving the pics! Especially the wall of guitars and the gorgeous pinky blue sky. Makes me wanna be in LA (baby!) xx