Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Zombies Are Coming

Some of you may be hearing the new Piney single Oh Lies on 6 Music – and thank you 6 Music for playing it! We are well chuffed that it’s out October 10th! If you want to hear it now you can stream it on soundcloud innit? I’m a bit new to sound cloud, I hope I’m doing it right… I have my trusty Guy Friday to help 

Meanwhile we’ve been everso busy making a video for Oh Lies…

Here are some frightening photos on flickr

I have to totally big up Mike Smith our bass player for directing and filming it! WOW! Corin Hardy is editing it as we speak; he’s done some pretty amazing things see?, David Lupton did the scary make up and Joe Smith our drummer was our production assistant (which mainly meant swatting the bees away from the fake blood made of maple syrup and red food colouring – bees love it!).

What’s magical about these four boys working together is that they were making horror films on Super 8 when they were kids and we’ve reunited them to create this zombie featurette in the same way they used to work, on Super 8 film, shot sparingly. Soon the magic will be unveiled and I’m just bursting to see what it looks like! Meanwhile these photos will just have to do.

Patience is a virtue they say.

p.s. here’s a little trivia for you… Piney forgot to take a change of clothes to the video shoot and had to ride the train home from Brighton-across London covered in blood… there were many stares but nobody called the police, phew!

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