Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beach House

So for those of you following our LA chronicles we stayed in a little Beach House near Venice Beach, what a luxury that was!  Okay so the Whole Foods girl said our neighbourhood was 'ghetto' but we didn't mind.  I mean, how 'ghetto' can a place be if there is a Whole Foods nearby, right?

As you can see in this loved up photo of Growler and Garo the sky is actually grey (I know, in LA!??!?), apparently this is what they call 'June Gloom' where it's a bit overcast until noon or so.  This didn't phase the Brits though, and they ran into the bracing cold sea (crazy boys!)

Mitchy burned really badly on day one and so here he's hiding from El Scorchio...

I was really delighted to see where they filmed 'White Men Can't Jump' and yes, there really were people playing basketball, isn't that cool?

It doesn't take too much to please me I guess.

There are more beach photos here if anyone wants to see Garo and Growler strip down to their pants, Growler giving Mitchy a massage, Jonesy looking pensive-like at the sea, Heather with 2 heads, or a special guest appearance from Y...


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