Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Grand Ol' Echo

So we did our first gig in LA at The Grand Ol' Echo which is famous for it's fabulous West Coast, So-Cal country music scene.  We did a few old school Piney Gir Country Roadshow numbers to please the country-loving crowd, but even the more jangle-pop stuff like 'Would You Be There' went down well.  I was so proud of us!  And what a darn friendly crowd they were... If I lived in LA, I'd go there every week.  I would have to stock up on pointy boots and plaid frocks, but that would be no bad thing.

 Mitchell was so sleepy from his trans-Atlantic flight that he had a little nap at soundcheck... at this moment when the photo was taken, the other band on the bill was playing some alt country at a loud level and I don't know how he managed to sleep.  I guess jet-lag moves in powerful and mysterious ways....

Here we are rocking on stage at the Echo, good times! 

If you want to see more Grand Ol' Echo pics, you can do!  Just follow this link for vicarious fun  : )

Maybe you can all come with me next time...


p.s. if you check the flickr set, keep your eyes peeled for Garo who was nearly eaten by a big Rock Lobster... we were nearly down a guitar player on day 1!

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