Monday, 16 July 2012

LA Stories - All That Driving!

I went to LA to see the sights and the sun, to do some shows and hang out for some schmoozey music bizz stuff.  
And it was great!  

(This is a slanket!)
I'm never one to bang on about the weather, usually reserving that chit chat for the guy in my local shop/post office/bakery/etc… but the UK's been sort of trapped under this grey, wet blanket.  Or maybe it's more like a slanket; harnessing the arms and legs as it weighs you down.

Anyway, LA was liberating, despite the famous 'June Gloom' that everyone spoke of, it just didn't touch the sides with us!  In fact Mitchy got so sunburned that his shoulders blistered, and my skin has gone a nice Native American brown.

One thing that struck me funny, was just how much driving we had to do.  Apparently this is a popular topic of conversation in LA (much like the British talk about weather).  And so here's a little set of photos from the car.

The boys and I crammed in, while young Heather negotiated traffic with help from our (German-speaking) sat nav.

We were 2 hours late for our NBC/Universal showcase!  2 HOURS LATE!  For one of the most important showcases we've ever done!  Luckily they were super cool about it, because it truly was insane traffic that made a 30 min journey take 3 hours.  I think we spent about a third of our 2 week stint in LA in the car.

...And so it seems apt to report back about it; it instilled a sense of culture shock in all of us.  

It's nice to be back in Blighty where one can just walk to the local shop, or get the tube across town in 20 mins.

Would I trade that in for the sun, sea and palm trees?  Well probably = yes!


P.S.  Stay tuned for more LA stories
in the coming weeks.

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